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The damn State

February 8th, 2005 at 02:33 pm

whelp.. I'm real sorry that I havn't been writing like I should.

So I have been in a battle of sorts with the Arizona Department of Revenue.

I think that they have me mixed up with someone else.. but of course, they arn't going to admit that!

So about two weeks or so ago I get this letter from some bankruptsy specialist with the AZ. DofR. I had asked for them to remove a tax lien that I found out that I had against me.

so this person writes me back and tells me NO. Reason: they say that I didn't file my state taxes in 1997 and 2000. Well this just miffed me!

know the reason why I have the tax lien is because in 1999 I decided to do my own taxes (BIG MISTAKE) and of course I messed them up, and of course when the state fixed my error, of course I ended up owing them money, and of course I make a buck fifty and a piece of gum each day, so of course I didn't have the means to pay, so of course they put a lien against me.. Okay.. I'll give them that.. yeah, I screwed up on my own taxes. okay.. not a friggin tax dodger here.. just an american tring to figure out the tax codes (Stupid, I know)

so when I get this letter saying that I had not filed for 1997 and 2000 I was pissed. So I went on the hunt for my old tax records. and THANK GOD my mother is a total spaz when it comes to taxes, so indeed, I found the information that I needed.

so as it turns out.. I didn't file state taxes in 1997 because I made to little to file.. and indeed, I didn't file in 2000 because I wasn't employed or lived in the state. So I didn't see the need.

So I copy off all my documents for 1997 and 2000, along with the documentation of all the payments that I have made to them just in this past year, and I copied that pages on the approperate years tax booklets to support my claims... and I also included a nasty little letter to the lady stating that I belive that this is nothing short of HARASSMENT by the Arizona Department of Revenue.

So I had planned on calling that lady who sent me the NO letter and see if she had even gotten my documents when - RING RING- the phone at work 8am SHARP monday morning. Apparently this lady called my boss at home to get the number for here at work (go figure)
she didn't say anything about my accuisations about them harrasing me.. BUT I am getting my money back....



I have not recieved anything from the state yet, she said that she is going to send me out a packet of paperwork.
So i'm hoping that in that paperwork there will be
1. an appoligy(?) (yeah, right!!)
2. my friggin money
3. paperwork to release that friggin lein.


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